Speaker Biography

Wladimir Genovesi

Hospital 9 de Julho, Brazil

Title: A new concept and design for an alloplastic total TMJ prothesis using peek LT1 20% Ba

Wladimir Genovesi

DDS – PHD, Oral maxillofacial surgeon, Chairman of Oral Maxillofacial depto. at  9 de Julho Hospital, Coordinator from TMJ Fellow program at São Luiz Hospital Rede D'or Coordinator, TMJ arthroscopist surgeon since 1988 at Michael Reese hospital (USA), Member from world college of surgeons, Member from Brazilian college of Oral maxillofacial, Speaker in many TMJ meeting, Developed the Double anchors technique for disc replacement, Developed the TMJ prosthesis in PEEK.


The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is a complex joint, with distinct anatomical and functional characteristics, difficult to treat. Many authors, from the early twentieth century, reported techniques for TMJ reconstruction, aiming at returning its shape and ideal function. Many prototypes have been developed in pursuit of the ideal prosthesis, which adheres to the principles of biomechanics and biocompatibility, with good long-term performance and lower cost. Based on 10 years of experience(1990 to 2000),with 125 patients who underwent TMJ reconstruction using full custom prosthesis in gold (unilateral and bilateral), with a new design and shorter than the prosthesis found in the market. A new surgical technique  was  perfomed,  less traumatic, than used by others surgeons in the world. Because of the high cost of gold alloys, ensued in search of a suitable material, to follow the ideal characteristics. Among the new materials, highlights PEEK LT1 20% Ba, is a polymer derived from petroleum (Invibio, UK), thermoplastic, biocompatible, inert and high stability and resistance. Successfully used as the material of choice for orthopedic implants and spine. This study demonstrates the feasibility of a custom prosthesis in PEEK LT1 20%Ba, with protocol development for TMJ reconstruction. Keywords: TMJ, reconstruction, customized prosthesis, PEEK LT1 20%Ba.