Osseous genioplasty

The morphology of the human face which adds to facial asthetics is the chin. There are several surgical procedures that can be done for the treatment of chin deformities. The adjustment of can be done through Osseous genioplasty which gives a huge difference in the structure of the face. It has a low risk of complications and it is a stable procedure for the surgery to be done. When Osseous genioplasty combines with other asthetic procedure, the process of rhinoplasty and rhytidectomy can be done. The main two methods of chin augmentation are alloplastic chin implants and sliding genioplasty. Osteotomy is a slice through the bone of the jaw is done by a technique called as Sliding Genioplasty. The malposition of the bone can be repaired by genioplasty. To secure the jaw in its new position a little plate is produced by titanium is used.Post genioplastic surgery can swell up to two weeks or longer but the surgery is permanent, as the face bones fuses into its new position.



  • Track 1-1 Chin deformities
  • Track 2-2 Chin implants and osteotomies
  • Track 3-3 Alloderm
  • Track 4-4 Chin implants and osteotomies
  • Track 5-5 Sliding advancement genioplasty
  • Track 6-6 Implant genioplasty augmentation
  • Track 7-7 Cervical lipectomy

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