Chemotherapy complication

Some chemotherapeutic agents are cytotoxic in nature by interfering with cell division. Apoptosis is initiated if cell death occurs. The best way to damage or stress cells is chemotherapy which leads to cell death. Side effects of chemotherapy occurs where the healthy cells are damaged and thus sensitive to anti-mitotic drugs. The main type of chemotherapy is to destroy cancer cells with also causes side effects. Chemotherapy works on active cells i.e the cancer cells. These active cells grow,multiply and divide into many type of cancer cells. These cells grow in hair follicles, blood, mouth and digestive system. When chemotherapy damages healthy cells, side effect occurs. The most common side-effects of chemotherapy includes mucositis and alopecia.


  • Track 1-1 Platelet function assays
  • Track 2-2 Post-transplant immunosuppression
  • Track 3-3 Adjuvant therapy

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