Craniofacial surgery

Craniofacial Surgery is a divisional specialty of Plastic, oral, maxillofacial and Head & neck surgery that is used to correct a range of congenital abnormalities (the abnormalities present at birth are called congenital), traumatic deformities of the face, skull, and jaws and their related structure and disfigurement after the surgery. The defects treated by craniofacial surgeons are: Craniosynostosis is considered a defect of birth that may encourage various issues, including weight expanded intracranial, skull deformation, visual debilitation, and the formative report. Surgical intercession includes a multidisciplinary approach including pediatric neurosurgeons. In craniosynostosis, the sutures- associations between hard plaques of the skull- - in a child newborn close too early, which may result in a distorted head and weight inside the skull. Treatment often requires surgery to relieve the weight and restore the shape of the head. Some cases of craniosynostosis are due to hereditary disorders such as Apert and Crouzon disorder, while the various cases occur per shot (sporadically) and some others like Cleft lip and palate, Apert's Syndrome, Crouzon's Syndrome and many others.

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